Monday, January 17

Fragmental beginnings

 The view from my window is quite pleasant, the rooms empty except for the few belongings I took along in a suitcase. It is kind of refreshing to not have to have so much stuff anymore.
Work is fine but exhausting - everything is new, that's why!
Have my own internet access since yesterday and will participate here and there more again in the days to come.
Today only these images - soon more.
Must go ... right now!

Back again, work done for the day. 
This is my mental diary style, images, impressions, not many words.
Not many words for you...
And I presently save my breath and comments not to specify political, ecological and economic issues. You know it all, if you truly wish to know it all - and therefore you can create your own very picture without any problem. This is the curse of being connected with no possibility of making any difference, through the internet that is. An abstract kaleidoscope of impressions dancing in front of your eyes and mind. What can I do to better such a situation, not only my own, but perhaps the one of my neighbor, or my surrounding community? That is a question that pops up for me a lot these days. It actually does. And since I am now in the profession to take care of people with special needs, this question has become even more urgent: What can I do for the "Common Man/Woman"? (additionally) A question to ponder. I hitch hike a lot these days, and people stop. What I see in their behavior and reactions is: I don't mind to connect, tell me your story!  Isn't that a natural urge that often gets pushed under the carpet, the possibility to exchange your own observations of how life is for you and how you deal with it, even if it is with a stranger? 


Zee said...

This post is scattered badly, should have been only the pictures ... but I'll leave it nevertheless.

Cym said...
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lindsaylobe said...

The view is refreshing and good to see you’re settled in well notwithstanding the pressure of culturally adapting to both a new work and life environment. I think I can understand how exhausting that must be but I know you will succeed and look forward to having more about trials and successes.

What can I do for the "Common Man/Woman"?
Continue to be as you are – that might sound rather glib but I think you already carry that concern into yur workplace. A smile and friendship to offer a hand up or simply a helping hand are the same the world over as we depend upon one another much more than we think!!
Best wishes.

Seraphine said...

guten tag, zee. switzerland ist ganz schon. deine fotos sind auch ganz schon.
wass kann mann macht fur ein bessere weld? das ist ein guten frag. vielleicht, blumen fur alles.

i hope my attempt at german didn't make you want to unplug your computer.

happy new year, zee.

gfid said...

when i wonder how to make a positive difference in the world, i think of Mother Theresa. she served where she was needed, doing small things in a big way. we can only do what we're able, where we're put. i hope you won't forget your art and music. they're powerful engines for moving the world.

beautiful photos, as always, Zee. as i get older, i wonder if it will ever happen, but i still dream of seeing the world.