Tuesday, April 12

Fukushima, and then what?

I am not sure if I can express myself adequately anymore. There are too many simultaneous shifts to follow and to record. We sure live in a time of great challenges.
The civil war in Libya and the Ivory Coast. Why do get exited? They are always at war, even in so called times of "peace". Same thing in the Middle East. People think they have a purple/jasmin/lavender revolution. Perhaps it is a good thing. I will not judge.  But on the bottom of it, it is always the same fucking story: Who rules whom!
Japan is a bit different. Japan is a very fine groomed society from what I can perceive from my Eastern friends. They do not fight amongst each other, perhaps some street-thugs do so now and then, but that´s about it. The society at large, they have a sense of unity and respect for each other.  I like that.

 What I do not like, is the earthquake and all the following consequences. It is a bit too much to bare, even if you are thousands of miles away.  I mean, you all know the latest details, why waste my breath...

What I would suggest, we will find new ways to communicate locally. And that must also be true for countries that are presently not in unrest. It means us all.

My credo is: Politicians are fine just to keep some of our infrastructures running, as servants for the people. Beyond that, let them perish. Same old story.
Democracy does not work, you figured that one out by now.  Democracy is a fine marketing tool to persuade the masses to obey and bow to a sliver of the elite. They then do what they want. Hey, it is the "Greek Way", that is the cradle of so called Democracy. (have some olives, I like them. Can not give you the branch with the dove. That would be exuberant. )
Democracy my ass, we all will have to decentralize, pick up a pitch and a fork,  do it ourselves whatever there is to do as humans for humans, and let the ruling parties wither in their ways...
Enough for today, and no sexy pictures either...

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Seraphine said...

i've always believed in the power of individuals. very little, if anything, is created by committees.