Monday, June 20


I am sure I do not understand everything about clouds. These pictures were taken around 5 AM out of my window, each about ten minutes apart.
 Beauty and depression, form and floating change as a jetliner scrapes a straight line into the sky before your eyes, completely out of tune, still remarkable. 
I think our minds go a bit like that. Metamorphosing shapes in neverending transformations and we are facinated but also burdened by the strait lines, the one who goes from A to B.
Would it not be great if we could play a bit more -  and appreciate in our minds the formidable and healthy opposition between a cloudy and a sunny day, a curved flexible image - and a straight line?



♥N said...

I wish my mind and thoughts were as beautiful as the images here, but unfortunately, my thoughts look more like the black hole lately.

How are you, Zee? How is Europe treating you? I envy that you're there.

Zee said...

It is "the black hole lately" which is correct, Nova. Do not envy me, it is the same all over, only the tapestry might look different in an other country.
Europe is not a haven anymore, even though I possess the key of entry.
A catamaran and a pirate flag would do me service now, at least that is my present state of mind. Savvy?

Zee said...

There is a famous Joni Mitchell song, one of her early ones - seldom but sometimes I play that tune.
Lines in the chorus go like this:
"I looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down - and still somehow, it`s cloud illusions I recall - I really don`t know clouds ... at all"

reverb said...

...hello Zee,
long time, man
if I wait for your response in music we turn old haha ha

I try to send you another short song that I recorded last year to show you the advance or progress in the recording quality

Zee said...

r e v e r b - how are you?
I need to come to South America before I get old. Fancy that?

Zee said...

... ah, send me the tune Reverb, might be able to do something once the situation here settles. The world we live in is fast paced and cookoo... Is the west coast of south america as fine as they all claim? Entice me!