Thursday, June 2

just a kiss away

Give me shelter
Never bothered to listen to the lyrics as a kid, just loved the screaming voices of the Rolling Stones.
This version makes it easier to comprehend content. In my view these people from "Playing for Change" do a darn good rendering.
All right, I do not have a super fast connection, so above link from their homepage might not work for you either. Found it on YouTube, here it is:


gfid said...

i'm a big fan of Playing for Change. when i was stranded in Kansas City, MO a couple of years ago, w no passport, the PLaying for Change bus pulled in right below the balcony of my hotel room (where i quietly weeping, wondering how the hell i would get home). i took it as an omen that things would work out well, so found out where the concert was, and took it in. they actually stayed in the same hotel!

remo4 said...

e gruess vom alfred e btw