Thursday, September 15


I find it kind of amusing, that a 31 year old lad gambled away two billion Dollars while employed as an investment banker for the Swiss bank UBS.
Think about it, that is a lot of money.
I was also thinking to have a cup of coffee this morning, but I did not have the change.
His losses could have been my wins for a cup of coffee for the rest of my life.


Cym said...

I'm not familiar with the story, but my first thoughts are "Why, why, why would anyone do that?" Some people have so much money, that they can afford to squander it away on such frivolous pursuits, so desensitized are they to genuine hardship, and have no idea what it feels like to be broke.

At first I did not understand the association of the photo and the post, but then a minute later I see that it is like a giant beggar's cup, right? Yeah, alms for the poor. Wish I could throw some change your way, but I too am in the same boat, and unfortunately for me this boat has ended up in the middle of the desert.

Cym said...

Okay, I just googled the story, I would had worded my comment differently had I read the story first. I can see why you are amused. Wonder how often this goes on, how many people get away with it? Also the question remains, that although these may have been bad investments for the bank someone else other than the banker ultimately profited from them, wonder who. Either way it probably goes on all the time...and the really big busts end up crashing whole economies.