Friday, September 9

an other one


Cym said...

Hello Zee,

I enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing it. Still in Switzerland? I'm still in Arizona and the heat has been absolutely miserable, hottest summer ever. I hope you are doing well, and making the best of your situation. Glad to see your still blogging, even if it less frequent than before.

gfid said...

i was stranded in Kansas City Mo a couple of years ago, with my wallet containing passport, credit cards, identification, EVERYTHING having gone missing, and no way to go home to Canada.... and the Playing for Change bus pulled up in front of the window of the room i was staying in. it was a SIGN!!!! i found out where they were playing and went to the concert the next night. it was magical. ....and i did get safely back home, about a week later than originally planned, but no harm done.