Friday, June 24

Nirvana or not?

I hate being a free-lancer, it was not always so. Today my present gig, close to Basel,  is finished and done. Now what - back to the cows where my appartement is? And then what? I am tired of improvising life in a society that leaves hardly any room for improvisotianatial artists at large... Now I dream about a steady job at "Joe`s Garage", changing oil, repairing a clutch. But I am not a mechanic, so forget that. OK, not all is bleak - I do have some good leads within my field of work. But it is kind of tiersome to start all over again. Blessed be the burgeois folk who have one job for a lifetime (and then a pention to retire). I do not live in that world (by choice) but I still envy "the other side".  

Monday, June 20


I am sure I do not understand everything about clouds. These pictures were taken around 5 AM out of my window, each about ten minutes apart.
 Beauty and depression, form and floating change as a jetliner scrapes a straight line into the sky before your eyes, completely out of tune, still remarkable. 
I think our minds go a bit like that. Metamorphosing shapes in neverending transformations and we are facinated but also burdened by the strait lines, the one who goes from A to B.
Would it not be great if we could play a bit more -  and appreciate in our minds the formidable and healthy opposition between a cloudy and a sunny day, a curved flexible image - and a straight line?


Thursday, June 2

I am starting to get angry again, not a good thing

Syrian government troops have heavily bombarded Rastan, near Homs, in the centre of the country, killing at least 15 people - who fucking cares?
There are thousands of people who get killed by traffic accidents each day. People who get killed by doing their job, a brick who flies on their head whilst walking down the lane. Crippled, dead, or somewhat disintegrated.
I rebel against insanity, the stories you are being told, the madness in Eurasia, the stories about incest on the train from Vladivostok  to Peking. (Got to be on that train one day).

 You know, it used to be simple, but now it is not so.
I ride the train from here to there. All people have "plugs in their ears", they shut off, I do the same thing now, I am almost ashamed. I am ashamed that I can not reach out, so I dull myself with music and vibes. That is really not excusable!
But then there are moments of divine perfection. You look at a face near you and he or she smile´s reassuringly.
 Then you know that you have lived for a good day in the present!
A smile can change the world, believe me.

just a kiss away

Give me shelter
Never bothered to listen to the lyrics as a kid, just loved the screaming voices of the Rolling Stones.
This version makes it easier to comprehend content. In my view these people from "Playing for Change" do a darn good rendering.
All right, I do not have a super fast connection, so above link from their homepage might not work for you either. Found it on YouTube, here it is: