Sunday, February 5

as I understand

A woman or a man flew a kite, the picture is fuzzy I know, it was cold. My camera did not obey. Sorry.
But from my window I saw this person struggling with air and wind, amazing!
Sometimes he or she was grounded on the icy snow, just being there ... just contemplating.
How much courage does it take to fly a kite on a midd winter afternoon,  how much energy can we spur up for such a task? It might seem banal and unimportant to you, but I still believe in the finding of the treasure.
Now  - that is this thing, the treasure  is buried in your heart, a golden ray which goes beyond anxieties, beyond worries and pain. The thread becomes the path.
The kite-flyer maybe had no message at all, but what she or he did was to unbound gravity, even if it was just for a moment.

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