Tuesday, February 7

Nordic Light

This is a copper relief of mine, pinned up at an outside  wall of a restaurant in south-western Germany. The dimensions are roughly four by five feet. The name "Nordic Light".
It is a bit crowded with forms, I would do it differently now, more simple. 
Simplicity can be a form of life, perhaps a solution to our ever accelerating lifestyle that wastes the focus and essential on the immediate. I do not know much about Zen-Buddhism, but I am attracted by its contemplative simplicity. What is quiet, can also listen. 
I do not want to go into great lengths of this, but no matter what your spiritual outlook, your religion - or even if you are a gnostic (you know, atheists don't really exist, they just think they do) - simplicity in life matters, the beauty is in front of your nose. And that can be spiritual.
With all the accelerating troubles in the world, I wish that you can demonstrate to be a beacon, a true "nordic light" that does shine all over. 
And next time I say it simpler, more in the Zen way.
That's Zee for you today.


gfid said...

What is quiet, can also listen.

Small words with huge impact.... for those who listen. the northern (nordic) lights were brilliant over northern Alberta last night..... atheists don't exist - they just believe they do..... made me smile. A quiet reminder that what we believe does not determine what is.

Spring will be coming to your part of the world. (she says wistfully) I'm at the 'dreaming of green' phase in my annual cycle. It becomes a physical ache, akin to that of yearning for a lover. Enjoy the beautiful season. Be well.

Zee said...

Thank you Granny-Fiddler, you are special!