Friday, May 18

I am no Prophet

I do not aspire to be a prophet, nor am I some kind of reincarnate initiate. Far from it, I am a simple man, a man on this earth who shoulders all sufferings, all stupidity, all violence - and sometimes the good moments ... when they come along, by grace.
And as I watch the beastly theater on this globe, I keep thinking two things:

Why can't I do better and give more support where it is needed - and why has it all gone so awry?
Lamed, like a "Wall-Street" demonstrator, I sit here clueless and succumb to this notion: Kiss my ass! Not very helpful either.
The world has become a bizarre playing-ground for the people with money, and hence power - therefore political power. Unfortunately money and  politics are intertwined. It should not be so, but it is so for the time being.
I have no immediate solution, just like these "Wall-Street occupiers" protesting against bestiality within society - but I do know, now being in the middle of Europe (Switzerland) and observing all this first hand, that the future will be decentralization, away from the Euro, away from power-politics. Greece, the cradle of Democracy is a good example. They are dancing with their ship on the thread of an abyss. Odysseys, were he still alive, would have said: Tie yourself to the mast and plug your ears, otherwise you will not survive the Sirens.
Well, he did survive - and so do we.
The Sirens of nowadays are Bankers and Politicians, plug your ears, ignore them, they are all foul. Instead do something that creates prominence in your local community, may it be with the means of agriculture or through art. 

Best, Lukas (akka Zee)

P.S. I just happened to like Hamilton for what he did in imagery - kind of special


jozien said...

yes yes , lets imagine a new world and even for brief moments trying to live it.

Zee said...

thanks Jozien - have been away from the blogworld for quiet some time. Your voice is always a treasure, thanks for that.