Sunday, April 22

The curse of an upgrade

It has come to me lately, that there is a conspiracy. Hardware producers make a product that might work well, then the software geniuses create more app's and bulk in order to force the hardware-computer manufacturers to have to upgrade their hardware. An endless vicious circle, where the one hand washes the other just to make a profit.
In the process we are being dehumanized, forced or persuaded to buy the latest gadget, the latest prank. It is truly amazing how peoples desire for an "upgrade" motivates their daily existence. The best, the fastest, the coolest.
In this kind of world of technical progress we as humans seem to digress. No longer is the computer a tool for research, and then the iPhone replaces the void of being next to another and we are playing cryptic games when there is no music. We have become so dissociated, it is not funny anymore.
My "upgrade" is therefore a downgrade. The carrot in front of the donkey might be tempting, but I am neither a donkey nor a mule, and I refuse to go for it any longer. 


Zee said...

I am very frustrated these days, because I see no end in sight of this trend. Nine year old kids riding in the train fingering around on their touchscreen and nothing about touching the world. It is truly depressing.

yak said...

Dear one, no use in wastin yer energies on frustration, let's concentrate on the brighter sides of life ... just only a suggestion (I know da fuckers & what they're up to haha).