Thursday, December 13

North Korea and Syria

Why are humans such a stupid breed of mammals?
Condemning North Korea for shooting a rocket into space is laughable. Those who hold the known sole imperialistic means to shoot satellites into orbit are angry. Why? What is the real threat?
The threat is that humanity and it's culture is deteriorating - people are obsessed by power and selfishness - hence the crisis in the finance market presently spreading around the globe is eminent, nonreversible.
Syria is an outer example what goes on in the inner works of many human souls. An indescribable despair to find a new road, perhaps even a new horizon.
But it seems like all "the old" has to be first destroyed before the "new" can arise, sad story I know, but I believe it is so.
Humans are in some ways much more stupider than monkeys - the latter at least had group-sex to ease the tension before a settlement of an argument.
Perhaps we still can learn from the apes.


gfid said...

Well, here it is, 2013, and we're still here..... Or maybe we're not, and we don't know it yet...? I hope 2013 is good to you, in body and spirit.

susan said...

It's amazing that individual humans are so intelligent while in the aggregate as a species we're so dumb.

Best wishes to you, Zee, wherever you wander.