Saturday, February 2

i am sorry, and I am not sorry

I haven't posted anything for a long while - and nothing really substantial in the recent past except for the human shit and tragedies you know all about already.  My mind has kind of come to a standstill with human stupidity. There is so much nonsense and pain human mammals inflict onto each other, it is almost unbelievable if it wasn't for real.  I come to believe that humans are the most stupid creatures on this earth/globe. I mean look at it, they kill for religious beliefs, money, survival and social status. It is absolutely ridicules. No squirrel in the woods or a cow on the meadow would act like that.
Do you get my point - we are the stupidest animal on this earth because we haven't learned to use our freedom to become a spiritual being which traverses unprotected and naked towards unity of being - freedom is the idiom of new consciousness here... but we are to lame to catch it.
So no, instead we act like stubborn beasts -- an just let it all slide by.

The 60's pop-group with the singer Jim Morrison (who actually was more a poet than a singer) - well, they put it this way: You are all in a ship of fools. I kind of subscribe to that image. Though truthfully - I jumped ship.

This post is mostly for Nova because she called me elusive and I could not let that sit on my non hairy chest.

be good, be strong and miraculously wise and intuitive -  Lukas

P.S.  Sorry that I can not produce gibberish nonsense for you all anymore

PPS. This was Christo's thing in Central Park NY

PPPPPPS - I do take seldom photographs these days - I mostly paint and I start an Art-therapy training  - that will be interesting. We will see how long I can stand to shut my mouth. But I need the paper - so I better shut up for real and wear a wet towel around my head and take notes with my eight dollar newly acquainted real ink fountain pen.
Don't you love it when it just glides and you do not have to type? Maybe I am old fashioned.


Zee said...

oh, the last picture is a detail of that beast which got burned down - it was actually humungous big thanks to my son who had worked relentlessly in the assembly and construction department. This is a few years ago. We burnt it then - but it still haunts us.

yak said...

You'll manage!

... and, the fire of life will burn all [da shit) anywayzzz .... just only do enjoy life, as there is only one in one lifetime ... haha ... xxx ♥

Zee said...

you are certainly a smart fellow: There is only one life in one lifetime! Well that leaves all the options open, even the possibly of second or third lifetime. Very clever.
Take care in this one ... I would say.

♥N said...

Thanks for this post :-)

I meant elusive in a good way. As in, you're mysterious.

Humans are stupid. We rely too much on our thoughts (which are usually wrong) rather than follow our instincts. That's what makes the animals far superior to us.