Wednesday, March 25


My names are Sergeant Major.Raymond f.Chandler from , I am a United States Army officer on a peace keeping mission in Afghanistan. I'm a
widower, 54 years of age. I've been in this mission for almost three years now and i'm left with less than two months to
return. Something great happened in this mission which is one of the reasons why I've decided to contact you: During our
operation we had a confrontation with the Afghan tali bans in there hideout, at the end of lasted shootout we were able to
Maneuver them and discovered in their hideout lots of dangerious weapons and huge amount of money in US dollars. We took the
money and shared it among the officers that went for the operation after which i got Four million, five hundred thousand
dollars ($USD4,500,000.00) as my own share... Now my only problem is that the money is not safe here in the camp as no one
knows when the Taliban may strike back. All the banks here in Afghanistan are closed down and no one can make any bank to
bank transfer outside Afghanistan...this is a very difficult situation for me here, i thought about the positive impact
this money will make in my life when i leave the camp and i took it. Hence i need your help to safeguard this money for me
until i return from this mission in less than two months, i'm offering you thirty per cent (30%) of the total money if you
accept my proposal. I took my time to conceal the money in a Trunk box covered with my personal effects. I'm writing you
because i don't have the time to think of who to trust as i don't have anybody out there to share my secrets with, my guts
instinct tells my that you can handle it for me. It may be a start for better relationship between us, we never can tell
what tomorrow holds.

Please let me have your consent if you are willing to handle it for me so i can arrange on how to lift it out from here to
your country.

Here is my email address ( please contact me here.

With much regard,

SMA Raymond F. Chandler

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