Tuesday, August 29

Cold Water Street Project

Second Chance

In my dream I return
to the place I went
wrong, and given this
chance to change
things, I go on
down the way I went
before. Even in sleep
I know there is only one go—
and it went well
the first time. Where
it didn't- well, it will
be good to see her again.

by Louis McKee

With the obvious danger to bore you to death, I still dared to put up some pictures of the place I'm working on right now. It's my friends place down in Hillsdale. The images are supposed to convert to you that I actually work on something sometimes... Don't know if that will suffice. but hey - it's a try!
(PS the place used to be a dump not long ago, now I even dare to take a nap there once in a while)


pissed off patricia said...

Forgive me for not knowing, but what are you doing to the place? It looks lovely to me.

Before Sunrise said...

This is a beautiful house Zee... I am not sure if I have said this before, but I have a feeling that in the future I might be living upstate... even if in my dreams.... Maybe you can work on my house?? :-)

Zee said...

you can rent it PoP!!!
ahh, right now I'm installing a shower ... care to join?
Sorry - I am in a morbid mood today because I just found out that my new health insurance is worth shit - unless you brake both legs and have a quadruple bypass simultaneously, get your head crushed and loose your liver ...
The fucking health system in the US spends more per capita than any other industrial nation while giving the least services in return ... actually the efficiency is so bad that comparing the present US system with the former Soviet Union makes the latter twinkle like a little red star shining far above with a superior smile ...
Have a good day,
Greetings - pissed off Zee

AM said...

ha! it looks cute to me, i love red walls ... and i miss the greenery outside :(
I hate this ... desert %^£^*$^($^

_z. said...

looks nice and clean... very inviting.
good job!

Zee said...

Oh, don't flatter me - I hardly did anything.
It's all John's fault who bought this piece of useless structure four years ago - he did most of the work, but he will not comment here because it is his time to go to bed now, yes ... even before that.

Cynnie said...

Houses look so pretty before they're crammed full of all our useless stuff..
I'm attempting the miminalist life...so far so good.

Zee said...

So here it goes:
This house is a duplex, one side is rented out, the other is still available.
If you wish to live close to the Berkshires in Columbia county, it's all yours ... for about a grand each month.

Cynnie said...

my god thats cheap!!
Anyone want to rent my house ?

Before Sunrise said...

If I didn't have school holding me back here, I'd be there in a minute!! I long to live in the countryside... Maybe some day :-)

Segue said...

Wow! This is far from boring!

Really sweet & lovely!

I remember it before--!
Send J. my best. I rec'd a halarious group mail from him once, but where is he now...??
SanFran maybe...

The house looks fab.