Monday, August 28

immigrant punk


was the rallying cry for the constitution of the United States of America. That was way back then. The last amendment to the constitution was not so much about "PEOPLE" - but more about power and money. It reads like this:

Amendment XXVII (1992)
No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.

This is the last amendment folks, fourteen years ago or so. Previous additions to the constitution took up topics like the abolishment of slavery (1865), the inauguration of income tax (1913), and the woman's right to vote (1920).

I believe we need a new amendment! It would have to go along these lines:

Amendement XXVII (2006 by Zee)
If governance in the United States ceases to have less than two political parties representing the constituency and the people of all states, the House of Representatives in Washington will have to be disassembled followed by new elections; in the order of townships, counties, then States.

We are there right now, seriously! The "duocracy" of previous decades has been replaced by a "monocracy" - or shall I just say as it is: Monarchy! The concept of DEMOCRACY has become a lofty concept you read about in history text books alongside with Marx and Engel's convoluted and abstract concepts of communism that never worked out in real life (both of them being representatives of the bourgeois middle class at that time, one of them being the son of a wealthy industrialist ). Pipe dreams of the past gone astray ...
Today we face the encroaching imagery of globalization in the name of Money, Power and Greed. Instead of being more united, the disconnection between people around the world is forced upon us by big cooperations who give a flying fuck about "collateral damage", the people like you and me!
Both, the Republican and the Democratic party in the United States of America are "niggers" towards sucking dick of these cooperations. Therefore they are both the same

I declare that the US has ceased to exist as we knew it.

... unless we incorporate the Zee amendment. No, perhaps not that drastic, but please you all, - fight for a multiparty system that has a resemblance of representing the people:

We the people!!!

... otherwise stay and remain to be anIMIGRANT PUNK!!! and tend to your hair due, or the lack of it.
And if you wish to listen to a cool tune along the lines, upload

IMMIGRANT PUNK from Gogol Bordello, a symphonic treat :)

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Gary said...

I like the Zee Amendment - even the name is stunning. Power to the punk people!

What do we want?


When do we want it?


Ingrid said...

Thank YOU! As a legal immigrant punkette (?), having hopped from the Netherlands (talk about multi party), to Canada (well, there are about 5 officially, don't forget the reform and the Quebecois Bloc Party), to Saudi Arabia (doesn't really count democracy wise) to the US.. I have been advocating multi parties in order to break the apathy of voters and to break the MONO party system here.. yes dear Democrats.. your party heads follow the money donaters, just like the Republicans ... let's hear it for the true Independents (in heart and politics)
I 'third' the Zee amendment!

_z. said...

Very powerful speech zee.
are you running for something?

I vote zee anyday!

Zee said...

Neat - _Z. makes Zee run!
Don't know where or what to run to though _Z :))

Zee said...

Oh Ingrid...
You must be a lovely punkette, sleeping on your sofa with kids crawling all over you without air-conditioning, but despite that, your brain still seems to pulsate revolutionary vibes just like the radiation from the cell phone towers, whispering the messages of change.
Be well and thanks!

Zee said...

Yes, power to the "punk people" Gary!!!!!
P.S. You probably have already "Immigrant Punk" from Gogol B. - if you don't, I made it uploadable...