Monday, August 21

this tune (Amarisi)

This is a cool song I uploaded for Nazli but you can download it at your own leisure and enjoy it as well. Just follow the steps within Rapidshare and you will be alright. I know 30Megs are a "load", but just wait until you hear that gypsy sing, you will not regret it :)))

Ok, hold on ... wait - you have choices!!!

The above link is CD quality (aif format) but LARGE (over 30megs)
HERE is a compressed version (mp3) that only takes up 4 megs and is just as fine!
Once you are at Rapidshare click on FREE user. You might have to use the password "zee" - I don't know.
Enjoy and tell me what language they use for this song, Hungarian?????
And Yes, the artist of this picture is Pollock, that Pollock who dribbled paint out of buckets all over a huge canvas spread out on the floor, beginning the movement of American abstract expressionism. Hard to believe, I know.
For your immediate listening pleasure you might like to listen to BUSH - a real "ear opener". I still think Goebbels had more style though ...


pissed off patricia said...

I do like the painting. I hesitate about the song

Zee said...

You hesitate to "like" the song or do you hesitate to download it?
The 4Meg version is great - violins and all, you'll like it!

Dr. Nazli said...

I love the song! No hesitation - just pure charm! Zee - it's so me - though I have no idea what they are saying, the music makes me laugh in delight - and I just love that you thought of me when you heard this free-spirited song. I am going to be recommending it on Wednesday for the Music Recommendations! Everyone should hear this charming tune!

Thank you my dear warm kind soulful friend.

Much happiness and wonderful wishes to you everyday

Zee ya


Zee said...

... it's "your" song Nazli!!