Monday, September 24


Some people came by I had now clue about, but what the heck, the more the merrier, at least sometimes.
So when are you going to visit the island? You know, this will not last forever! I am already considering to move back to where I belong, to Hobbit-Town.
95% of the islanders either smoke pot or are alcoholics, or both. Not such a fine track record. I'd rather not subscribe to any of these choices. But "The Rock" is a great place nevertheless (that's an other name for Vinalhaven).
So why don't you come up here for a visit as long as the weather is still as gorgeous as it is now.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great idea. I need to find time. P

Gary said...

Where exactly are you man?

And I love the hair and dark glass look.

Zee said...

Vinalhaven, Maine ...

Anonymous said...

Ya right asshole !

My piss will come to Vinalhaven

in a bottle as a message how much

I despise you wether you'll still

be there or not - so you got a

reliable visitor at last !

Your worst nightmare harharharhar!

Life is good,Judas Zay

Zee said...

You are pathetic Helmuth (anonymous).
I guess Helmuth Hofer from Vienna never learned any skill in life besides bitching.
I hope your aunt dies soon and you will be cut off of welfare, that'll teach you a lesson to survive - looser. But most likely you will just wither in a few months thereafter, and blame the whole world for your utmost incompetence.
Some things are uncorrectable.
One of them is you!

Ingrid said...

haha, that swiss humour just kills me! (referring to your last response lol)
anyhow, I was thinking of you Zee as I'm listening to my latest acquisition courtesy of my husband; Nina Hagen band, her first album (now on cd and a german import at that)
"Ich glotz TVaauu"!!
Even my mom liked her especially Naturtrane but I open invite to visit?? I sooo wish! When are you thinking of going back to the mainland? Wouldn't it be great if 'we' (all those who know each other, gary, lindsay etc) could just get together and visit...
well zee, where ever you'll be, if I do have an opportunity, I'd visit regardless..

Zee said...

Thanks Ingrid, your are my sole sport to uplift the spirit!

Segue Seoul said...

Am thinkin about stateside for february...and would like to visit if you'll have me...

luv ur doo^ ^