Sunday, September 30

fall falls

Reluctantly I spy into former days at last
summer-loves have gone and past,
so she said back then.
It was an affair of years,
years of exuberance and joy, immaculate.

This summer I visited her together with my wife.
Bonds don't break when your heart is at stake.
For once in my life
I not only take
but let it be,
as is.


Gary said...

What poetry.

What eyes...

Zee said...

Hello Gary -
Sorry for not moving from blog to blog ... and when I do, I just read, I read yours too!
There is something about blogging that exhausts me these days, actually I am exhausted even without blogs; I don't know what comes first, what causes what.
No, the fair lady is not a ballerina, but a (by now) professional musician - piano.

Gary said...

Take care of yourself - find your energy. Keep expressing yourself.

I'll be thinking of you now and then...

Zee said...

I'll try my best Gary - and thanks for your kind words; I needed it now, awesome timing.

Ingrid said...

zee-ster...check out my sunday's entry. The music is especially for you,

lindsaylobe said...

Lovely poem, very beautifully expressed!
Best wishes

Madcap said...

To let it be, as is.

Wise man.


_z. said...

simple, poetic, touching and wise... as always zee.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful. And it stings. I love this poem.