Wednesday, September 19


I shared an Ultra Light Beer tonight with a veteran of the Korean war. His friend was there, a veteran from the second world war.
"We should fight house to house, blow the buildings up as we go, then offer compensation. This is how we could win the war in Iraq."
I disagreed, pointing out that Iraq is not a country, but rather an agglomeration of different tribes, stuck within a border once artificially constructed by the Brits. And then we went on to talk about Israel, an other mostly British flavored product, but I will spare you that part of the conversation for an other time...
So, birds fly over borders and checkpoints without passport or/and visas.
Maybe humans can learn something from them birds.


Ingrid said...

Zee, I was taking with someone last week who opened my eyes to a concept I had heard about before, just forgot it. "Mirroring". I was sharing with her how I felt I did not 'click' with so many people, and that in turn, she called, not being 'mirrored'. When a child does something, a good parent will mirror that child for example ("Oh wow, you were so great!" giving the child confidence and praise). Well, we're not exactly children you and me, we're amongst people of such a different culture and shared history, that we do not experience being mirrored to much. Even though you and I are Europeans with different histories of our countries, we do share other commonalities, solely based on the continent's history. Certain unexpressed understandings of behaviour, tolerance of behaviour and opinions and outside of that, we are simply not able to be understood in that context. It finally hit me. We can be understood on other levels of course, but I think (don't mean to be presumptious lukas) that you and I feel a discontent politically and socially because of our backgrounds. That is something I feel I need to put aside and just enjoy if I do meet a kindred spirit but for now, they are few and far between. That is why I've been drawn to blogs, geez, the few and far between are far alright!
Anyhow..don't keep hitting your head on the wall of disconnect.. it's not our wall to begin with..
(what? no kisses?? naaah, you're good!)

Ingrid said...

Talking..I meant 'Talking with someone last week..' geez

lindsaylobe said...

I doubt it ~ but then again know that I think of it ~ birds were thought to have evolved from the dinosaurs; you know they never really became extinct but adapted by growing wings to the climatic upheavals of a rapidly changing planet.

We don’t need wings; we have our own inventions of mass destruction.

The whole idea of "owning" that land is the root of the trouble, evidenced as you say by arbitrary borders drawn on a piece of paper. If we could become co inhabitations, co covenanters, trustees for nature of planet earth some of the hostility over it may diminish.

I don’t see much evolved progress on that score do you? as we keep trying to blast our way through. Maybe we could say the land owns us not we own the land; a contrary view will ultimately imperil our own existence. So maybe we could learn from the dinosaurs, who became birds.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I just like you, Zee. It's that simple.