Thursday, May 8

The human center is the heart,
skin surrounds the rest.

That is all I know - for today.

copper relief mounted on exterior studio wall


Seraphine said...

I love that fountain.
The human heart is surrounded
by muscle and tendons and bones and all matter of organic material. It's a pump. It opens and closes.
I wish we had backup hearts. A second heart might be redundant, but better safe than sorry.
Some people give their hearts away. That's pretty generous.
If i give *my* heart away, I intend to keep a tiny piece in reserve. I might be able to graft it to something, or maybe I can get it to root.
I think hearts can grow if you care for them properly.

Zee said...

You might graft it Sera, as long as you have fertile ground.

Before Sunrise said...

That's beautiful, Zee. I agree, the Heart is the center! In Chinese Medicine, it is said that the heart houses the mind. So, another reason to believe that it is the center, no? Listen to what your heart is telling you, your "intuition" and you will rarely take the wrong turn :)