Tuesday, May 6

girls and boyfriends

As my hormones drop dead in the dozens, I can at least rest assured that younger ones don't have to deal with that issue yet. So at a fine "block-party" my daughter and her newly found boyfriend socialize with the kids of the neighbors. It is refreshing to observe this energy in youngsters, may they be 8 or 18.
Before you know it, they also will rule the world. And that's a good thing. The lame old guard of "US" has to retire, step away. In that respect I agree with Obama - we need change! Even though his mission is vague at times, I do support his vision. The "House of Clinton" lack this kind of enthusiasm. Enough of this boring politics - the time will come when those youngsters grip the rudder. That is the time I am truthfully looking for. And I hope that then I still will be alive to see it all.


♥nova-san said...

That pretty girl is your daughter? She's lovely. I love youngsters. I wish I were a youngster again. Too bad that when I was one, I couldn't wait to grow up. Funny how it all works.

Zee said...

Yes, it is funny how that all works, I agree Nova-San. I actually share the same growing up experience as you described.
I don't know if you left yet for your trip yet, but I believe Gary has a price for you. Might wanna check into his blog for more info.
Save travels when you go, can't wait to see you come back in one peace.