Friday, August 14


Competition, the survival of the fittest, the Darwinian doctrine of bullshit is everywhere.
Except in my garden, there I nurture other aspects.
The sunflower poses for my pole-beans and doesn't mind to help out, blooms and shines anyway. The beans I do harvest, the sunflower-seeds I leave for the birds. Maybe it is not correct to say that fruit and seeds are in competition, perhaps they merely supplement each other.

In human terms one could observe this on many levels. You plant a seed in a growing individual which later on might bloom and finally bear fruit in years to come (teaching).
The millions of seeds from the sperm of a male specimen are on a mission to find that one "fertile fruit" that will enable new life (reproduction). Co-existence is the key in nature, not survival of the fittest. The latter is just a bi-product of materialistic thinking. But we do have competition.
Love - what is love? An expression of co-existence beyond the thresh-hold of egotism, again defying the imposed laws of Darwinism.
Sex is a bit closer to Darwinism: Fun for the one who finds the most compatible prey. A drag for the one who downgrades due to limitations of any kind. So again, a certain kind of competition.

I don't preach peace, peace is an artificial state of mind (concept) fostered by a frightened human condition. Co-existence should replace the idiom "peace". We don't' need to all love each other in this competing world. If we manage instead to just get along though and learn not to trample on each others pathways by intent, then the roads of our journey will be bordered by sunflowers, smiling in bright yellow.
That's almost perfectly peaceful!


Seraphine said...

lol. that's the first time i have ever seen the use of the term "compatible prey." i hope you copyright it.

Zee said...

Laughing out loud about your comment Sera!
Perhaps I should mix a tincture which could be used as aftershave called "COMPATIBLE PREY" - what about that as a trade mark?!

Anonymous said...

I very agree! Co-existence oughta be possible.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee
Those words were almost the exact favourite saying of my late mother -We don't' need to all love each other – we just need to get along and learn not to trample on each other’s pathways by intent.

I tend to think they are pragmatic words of wisdom!
Best wishes

Zee said...

It's possible , Agge - but I still practice every day

Zee said...

You are a little bit too kind to me today, Lindsay - perhaps I am preaching to the choir ...