Wednesday, January 6

Purple Hands and White Snow

Ok, so I promised

I promised Sera that I would finish my woodcut within 48 hours, of course a silly venture. But I took it at heart and opened up an oil paint tube to do some test prints. The tube had a hole and mushed the paint all over me. Nevertheless, test prints are done and they look oh kay.

The winter is upon us and so is the snow. Therefore the picture on the right just to give you an idea.
Oh yes, the woodprint will depict somehow Christophorus carrying a child across a river, might it be the river Jordan, I don't know?! The image will be posted tomorrow or so, got to keep the Sera-deadline.

1 comment:

Seraphine said...

i know there must be a joke here about being caught 'red' handed.
see what happens when you make artificial deadlines? or promises?

blue-violet would make an awesome snow angel.