Wednesday, January 13

What can we do, for real?

I am flying out to the Caribbean next week for a few days, was hoping to gain some sun-rays, relax and recuperate.  Now this!
Haiti is one of the most impoverished nations in the western hemisphere to start off with, now they are in shambles.
The earth-quake destroyed the infrastructure of an already nimble and fragile nation. How can we help?
I feel stupid now to fly to this area just to gain regeneration for my own egoistic reasons.    


The Rambling Taoist said...

You ask a fair question, but a tough one. Folks can, of course, send money to aid organizations to help with recovery from the earthquake or volunteer to go down there to lend a hand.

Beyond that, Haiti has so many systemic problems -- US foreign policy being a big one -- that it's near impossible for any individual to do much of anything that will make any kind of substantive difference.

Zee said...

Hey you rambling man, thanks for the visit (oh, an of course Taoist) pardon me. I will ramble also soon over to your site and see what is going on.

So yes, you smashed the pin with a sledge-hammer, right on.
I checked the Red Cross and Americor, all they want is money, and I am not affluent right now. But I would have volunteered to help removing rubble and re-erect buildings, something I happen to know how to do. But they don't want any people there to help. It's a pity, 'cause I happen to be in the region next Friday.
I feel guilty. Because this time I really feel for them. The hurricanes come and go, it's a given, the political junta (propped up by the US gov .... or not) always sucked. But this earthquake didn't make my day. I feel for them, their despair, their misery.

Seraphine said...

the world will suffer no matter what you do.
send a donation; it is a tangible thing you can do.
but go. enjoy yourself.
bon voyage.

Gary said...

Go and have a good rest and some fun. If you have a few bucks to send to the Red Cross, do it. And send some prayers or good feelings...

baroness radon said...

ALoha Zee--
Same thing happened to me; I was planning a trip to Chengdu, and then schools fell down on all the children. My feelings were SO mixed.

Mercutio said...

What of the people who don't have what I ain't got?
Are they victims of my leisure?
To fail is to be a victim,
To be a victim of my choice.
Maybe partying will help.

---The Minutemen
Maybe Partying Will Help

Zee said...

that quote is "right on the money"!

The Crow said...

They don't want you, but they do want your money.
There you have it.
You are of no use.
Your money is.

Go lie in the sun.
Spend your tourist dollars.
Keep the economy going.
Leave your emotions at home.