Sunday, January 31

Ok, I'm back...

The Spaniards defended themselves from this castle in the 1600's. In the background a floating city, largest boat I have ever seen in the 21st century
pristine beach
the food is delicious, and so is the surrounding, people are friendly

... reluctantly back! This was my first visit to the Caribbean, and I was impressed. The glossy brochure images you always see actually became reality. The sea water, azure-blue, crystal clear, in the upper 70's Fahrenheit. The air upper 80's. I believe one reason why the water looks so alluring, is that the sand below is almost white, making it a perfect situation to reflect and assimilate the blue sky above.
$577 later, a tip for the chambermaid and a few dollars for food, I am scratching my head: Why didn't I stay longer? Oh well, it was a teaser -  they got me hooked! 
Now I am back to 12F (-10C) again, or something thereabouts and will attempt to endure more cabin-fever. 
The job situation in the US is still in dire straits - and I am hurting. I have to reinvent myself to blast away the blues, go back to my roots. I used to to teach violin, rather successfully I must say, but that was years ago. Now I am tempted to pick up the thread, because even during this recession parents still want their kids to play an instrument, at least in my vicinity (the Hobbit shire). And then in March, I will find out if I get this craft-teacher job in September. Cross your fingers.
I apologize, this must be a lot of personal ramblings. But sometimes I need to vent that as well!
Be healthy, do good, and be back... greetings, Lukas.



The Rambling Taoist said...

Hy, it's your blog. You can write whatever you want!

Besides, venting is good. It's far better than bottling it up because the cork will blow eventually. Better to get it out now, then move on.

Zee said...

Rambling Taoist
the veils are falling, reckon that...

Cym said...

That must have been really nice. I love tropical islands, most favorite place in the world. Must make it my goal to move to one, though preferably one not prone to hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, or earthquakes. Could also live without poisonous spiders, snakes, and mosquitoes too. That's not too much to ask for is it?

Reinvent yourself, and vent as much as you need to. The weather may be cold and dreary, but this time of year is the perfect time for indoor activities, warming yourself by the fire, inner reflection, reading, and artistic projects, so make the best of it. It's all good. Perhaps a blessing in disguise. Hope you get the job, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

♥nova-san said...

Zee, I'm glad you were able to get away. You were starting to sound like a grouch before you left, and your cheery side has seemed to resurface after some fun in the sun. =)

Did you travel alone?

Zee said...

Thank you Cym, you always sound encouraging!
My ability for "inner reflections" have evaporated, even though I can still smell the aroma of how it was like, once upon a time...
"It's all good", hmmm - I will chisel that sentence into my heart.
You know, Paradise on earth had always risks (tropical islands) but if you ever can afford to fly to New Zealand - visit the North island, no poisonous species or plants whatsoever. Walk barefoot through the rain forest without any fear. No snakes, no evil, no spiders.
By the way, your latest profile picture resembles a face in a Giotto painting, or early Renaissance. It also reminds me of some of the Stieglitz pictures, the ones he took of Georgia O'Keeffe.

Zee said...

Yes, Nova-San I just spontaneously left Hobbit-town and traveled alone. I was not sure that I could pull it off; but I did.
You are right, most of my sarcasm melted in the sun. There is more "repair-work" though, and I will tend to it.
How is the city treating you?

Mercutio said...

Welcome back, Zee.
It's good that you got out for a while.
The photographs are fantastic.

I tried my hand at violin years ago, but it didn't work out so well. I can play practically any stringed instrument, except for that one.
I play guitar, bass, mandolin, balalaika, and cello.
The bass is very different from the guitar, as it involves a lot of arpeggiated figures. "Cogs in Cogs" by Gentle Giant is my favorite to play on the bass.
These days, I enjoy playing "And Justice for All" by Metallica on the balalaika, mostly because it's something that people would never expect coming from that instrument.
I couldn't even tell you how many guitars I own. Somewhere between 20 and 25. A fine selection of vintage arch-tops.
With the cello, the bowing is easy-- you just keep it perfectly level and you won't get that horrid screeching noise.
Not so with the violin.
The left hand technique cam rather easily, but I never mastered the angle of the bow. I tried my best to work it out through all the screeching directly in my ear, but finally it was too much for me.
My God! that hurt.

I wish you well in all of your endeavors.


susan said...

The photographs really do bring a sense of sanity and peace to the table, don't they? Whether you could afford it or not I think it's great that you went. The job will come and the memories are priceless.

Zee said...

Hmmh, the Raven is too generous. I like that you keep up one painting or one drawing a week. That is a good thing. Wish I could I could brag the same, but I can't...
I am a slacker in the winter months.
Puerto Rico was incredible, I would go there again - and visit the rain forest/ jungle up in the mountains.

Cym said...

Zee: I've always been intrigued by New Zealand, and though its not in the budget right now, I do hope to visit there someday, and the same with Puerto Rico.

re: picture. Was playing around with my profile over the weekend, but am back to the incognito look. I made a collage based on that other picture, and just posted it to the blog. I think its kind of interesting, but very simple. I'm not much of an artist, but I do have much appreciation for the arts. I always say, I'm a starving artist who neither paints nor draws.

jozien said...

That looks very nice!!!
Now back in your 'real' world, good luck finding a good money flow. I don't like to call it work, and it seems you have various skills, where you actually
will get paid for doing what you love.

Zee said...

the violin requires the most artificial and unpleasant, unnatural positioning of the left arm/hand. That is maybe why the bow arm (the right one) doesn't come that easy either...
Choosing from the fretless string instruments, the cello is probably the most "human" configuration.

Zee said...

Your optimism is sure a fine boost!
Thank you.
How are you holding up there in the northern wilderness, spring in June perhaps?
Gosh, I hardly can make it here. How do you do it?

annie and katrin said...

Well... I love snow. And really we do have an amazing climate here, It's a dry cold, Hardly any snowfall, just whatever falls after october stays till april.
I will sign of with Katrin, there you can see the sunshine, and how little clothing we were on these February/march days :)