Tuesday, June 29

will you pull me out of here?

Whilst in Puerto Rico early this year, the divide between poor and affluent people became more than ever obvious to me. This "SUV" the guy sits on does not radiate hope for a ride into a bright future. And then a few blocks away you will find posh Mega Casinos where gambling sets the tone of the day. All these hundred of thousands of Dollars each day down the drain, no, not down the drain, instead enriching those who are already rich. Is there a method to this madness?

I listened to a radio report today that workers in China get about $1 a day to assemble some of Apple's iPhones components for all the humans who have forgotten the skill to talk face to face, ten hours a day, seven days a week. No real raise in sight. They are now protesting. Something unheard of a decade ago. It looks like the workers will get modest improvements ... but still!
I have the belief that the world, because everyone of us 90% slaves are affected by it, need to locally refigure their situation and give the middle finger to bureaucracy, hedonistic government games, Altzheimer riddled politicians - but most of all an inner shift of consciousness to that "the Kingdom has failed", it is a continuos string of betrayal, ordained by the rich to the poor. We may call us a Democracy in the US, the constitution and all. But in reality we are just suckers to the ones who control cash flow. We are not "free"!!!
Murdoch,  that media man who controls the majority of our press, just declared the other day, that the US didn't buy Alaska from Russia to save the Moose or the Reindeer, but that drilling for oil would  be continuous. What does he know? He is a Aussie citizen who got his home passport taken away when he bought the American citizenship. He has no respect for the working people here, and he definitely has no sense of history. 
That is a good example, the one who holds cash - rules.

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lindsaylobe said...

There are many persuasive arguments against developing nations rushing into urbanization which involves a rapid migration into the cities or regional manufacturing centers.

Globally more than 50% of us now live in cities and towns- cities built on fertile or reclaimed wetlands swamp or precariously perched close to the sea.

But if you’re able to grow your own vegetables or share in the wild crops, produce most of your own food, live in houses made from local materials on land that virtually costs nothing you can live very well on very little.

The trouble starts when we move too rapidly to urbanization with all of the problems associated with the excessive cost of housing and exploitative low wages under the guise of foreign investment.

I see no reason or justification to continue to replicate the current mad system.

Best wishes