Tuesday, June 1

Life as it can be

When I travelled up to Vermont, close to the Canadian border to visit my son, I observed and realized how living and 

working can be done differently.
In a small house by a creek, there was no electricity, instead propane lights at night. Very sufficient actually. Forget WiFi and all that stuff, cell phones barely work there - if at all. 
There is a certain tranquility about that.
It had been raining for several days, the pathways to the cottage drenched and soggy - and we were "just there". Then came the question: "You must be bored, shall we go somewhere, do an outing, maybe to town?" I said no, I am fine with this, I actually have no desire to socialize with others right now...
So I asked him: "Are you ever bored here?" - he answered, no. I keep too busy to ever experience that state of mind.
He does fine stonemasonry, building patios and indoor custom-cut floors with amazing patterns, building outdoor bread ovens, while also taking care of a herd of cattle at the adjunct organic farm.

Why do I bring this all up? Yes, it is because I sincerely believe in that the "healing" of the planet can not be left to the hands of cooperations (like BP) or even the government.
The little steps we do locally are much more powerful. Not noticed at first, but then shown to be very effective.
I wish you all to make your "local steps"!        


Seraphine said...

the best bread i ever had was from an outdoor bread oven on the island of atiu in the cook islands.
i wish i had one. but really, for the 20 or so loaves of bread i bake a year, an outdoor oven would be a complete waste.
i'm glad you are spending time with your son. and that he isn't tap tap tapping away on his iphone while you're together.
awesome, zee.

susan said...

I spent summers living in places that looked much like this house when I was much younger and you're right that there's an extraordinary beauty and harmony to be found. Only by learning to live with just enough do we come to understand what enough is. He sounds like an extremely interesting young man and you should rightly be proud.

I agree that healing the planet can only be done by all of us doing small things. The best action we can take to bring down the corporations and repressive government is to ignore them.

Gary said...

I admire your son and his life. My son is living on a farm right now, with 5 other young people and about 100 animals. They are electrified and in fact, are a bluegrass band as well as farmers (White Crow Farm Band).

I'm not sure it's for me, but could use more simplicity and quiet for sure. And I agree with Susan. Our behaviours do matter, and not just to each of us.

gfid said...

if a lot of people do a little bit, a lot gets done. if more of us use less, there is more for those who have less. was it Menno Simons who said, "live simply, that others may simply live" ? these pix are very nostalgic, reminding me of my hippie back-to-the-land days. lovely post, Zee