Sunday, June 20


I lost my head, but I still have wings to fly.
Most people believe that the head is the most important entity. Well, it is important, but not THAT important.
We humans always think (emphasis on think) that all riddles and maladies of this world find a solution through the use of what we call intelligence, based in the physical neurological system of our daily decaying bodies.
Reality shows us that this is not so. The conflict of Israel and Palestine is not "think". Afghanistan and Iraq is not "think". The oil spill is very little "think".
No, all this is a warped reality of human commotions and emotions gone awry.
Greed, stubbornness, religious misconceptions and survival instincts all rule human society - unless of course, we chop off our head. The displacement of the heart has become obvious in our times. It is time we use our wings. Angels did it, why can't we? The only way to grow and make your wings flourish, is by centering your primal energy into the middle region - the heart.
Then you will be able to rise above, and solutions might be found.   

Carved picture frame in walnut wood by me, the image is from Greece 


Seraphine said...

the walnut wood frame is beautiful. i love the way you worked with the wood, allowing the curls and rounded parts to dance with the grain of the wood.

as to international relations, those are political matters that have a solution. war is the failure of diplomacy, it is said-- bullies, madness and crowd behavior aside. i believe a solution to war exists, although historical evidence doesn't bear with me in that belief.

there is a lot of stupidness that remains despite our human evolution.

"the heart" must be the most complex-- yet least evolved-- function that mankind possesses. most people, myself sadly included, haven't the Grace to fully comprehend the ability of the heart.

it's easier to declare oneself rightious than to defer to the humility and power of the heart.

it is, after all, impossible to chop off the head and survive. or to grow the wings of angels.

all we can do is try; dancing to the grain of the wood is something everyone should learn.

Zee said...

"dancing to the grain of the wood"
that indeed is an interesting metaphor, Seraphine!
I like it!
About the heart.
To simplify this without getting into an whole essay: The heart takes care of the present which in optimal circumstances will lead positively into the future.
The brain on the other hand looks into the past to find cognition.
We couldn't do with either of them, but the heart is mightily under-evaluated ... as of now. I hope that will change soon!

lindsaylobe said...

Well said, ! we take ourselves ( meaning out heads) so seriously we can scarcely see the wood for the trees

Best wishes

Zee said...

Thanks Lindsay!

gfid said...

there was a time when the liver was considered the source of the affections.... of love.... and other lesser emotions. doesn't have the same ring though, does it? .... you fill my liver with gladness....? or maybe ... i pledge my liver in service to my country...? ... or maybe..... i love his music - it has liver......?

gi said...

no better example than Samotracia Nike to symbolize these precious concepts...
thank you for sharing it