Thursday, August 12


Leaving Hobbittown will be tough. I will miss my four 'a clock afternoon tea, the smoke rings evaporating from a cob-pipe, the fresh smell of Basil in the garden and in general; tranquility.

But it must be so. Even in my old age changes present opportunities. When you look at this picture, you will gaze into the far distance. That is where Alsace is at, and that is the place I will put my foot down, for now. The US has become a gambling pit, a Casino of sorts lately. It is time to face an other reality.
The other picture here depict my supportive wife and friends from Europe who urge me to make a move.
Today I got a job offer in the US which I shouldn't refuse, but I already booked my ticket Europe bound. Destiny works mysterious ways.


lindsaylobe said...

Nice photos and I was not too far from there travelling along the Rhine in May this year. Alsace used to be part of Germany didn’t it!! and it was home to Albert Schweitzer who was born at Kaysersberg in upper Alsace.
Best wishes

Zee said...

Yes, Alsace went back and forth and back and forth between France and Germany. Kind of interesting place, neither here nor there - something by itself I suppose.

gfid said...

so, o man of mystery...... what's calling you to Alsace?

Seraphine said...

going to europe is a great idea! you've been wanting an adventure anyway. september 1st will be here almost before you know it. i am excited for you.
destiny is all about the choices one makes. i've never believed in preordained destiny, unless one is talking about the physics of the universe (and even then, i believe random events ultimately change the nature of how the universe is supposed to work).
have a wonderful trip. and take a laptop so you don't disappear.

susan said...

The day you leave for Alsace is close to the date we expect to cross the US border into Canada at Sault Ste Marie in Northern Ontario. From there it's still a long drive to Halifax but I'm looking forward to being on the Atlantic coast again and will promise to look across the sea and wish you well. This is the best move we're able to make from the US but I envy you Europe.

Great pictures and yes, as Sera says, keep in touch.

Cym said...

Hi Zee, sounds like it'll be a fun adventure. Hope you find time to post some more pictures once your there. Good luck and Bon Voyage.