Sunday, August 22

the tower of power

There was a time when silver oxide was a predominant to capture images. There was also a time when metal structures hovered on hill tops. People stood there and kept watch in case of wildfires.
Both are essentially gone. Satellites have replaced the towers and the "watch-woman" is retired - but I found some images of old I took about 15 years ago of this, placed them on the lawn  and used the digital capture device for reproduction...
I really don't have a punch line for this post, nothing of interest to say. Sorry.
But I must say - I always loved her face.


ANNA-LYS said...

Jag måste säga att du har öga för detaljer!
A real artist!

(( klem ))

Gary said...

No need to be witty or enlightening... the photos are amazing Zee.

gfid said...

you've fallen off the world..... come back!

Cym said...

Where in zee world is zee?

Zee said...

Thank you Gary, Anna-Lys and Gr.Fiddler
Granny, I have fallen off the world and landed in Switzerland. I will gradually pick up posting on this blog again and also check out all the others.