Friday, August 20

the world is comfortably insane

There are complaints out there that the new environmentally designed "Sun Chips" bag made by Frito Lay which can be composted - is too noisy when opened. There are 20 million people homeless in Asia. There are millions of chicken eggs on recall in the US because of a bacteria outbreak. The economy, despite of the dance of all the witch doctors, is a miserable recovery. And the word "recovery" should be eliminated all together from the dictionary. We cut our lawn and expect the grass to be greener on the other side of the fence. How idiotic. 
The flowers in my garden still bloom, on the other hand - for each blossom that withers a soldier dies in a foreign country. An islam meeting place to be opened close to "ground zero" in Manhattan, New York, stirs peoples minds as if that would change anything. There is little logic behind all this.

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Seraphine said...

there's a certain logic to everything, even if it's just random craziness.
i hate noisy packaging. also packaging that's too hard to open. saying that, i prefer to buy things with nice packaging. i figure if it has nice packaging, it must be a better product.
i judge people like that too.
i actually enjoy quirkily packaged people.
there's a logic to that, but if i explain it to you, you'll chalk it up as random craziness, or you'll think i am making too much noise.