Friday, November 12

bare bone scorpio

November, the view from my desk, the temporary auberge or refuge until the final push.
Did you know that scorpions are the only animals who are able to commit suicide (besides the human species)?
There is a beauty in this. Scorpio is the sole sign in the Zodiac (astrologically speaking) who brings pure clarity of thinking and reason. We aught to respect this. It is not just a wavering mood like Taurus, the opposite sign (in the zodiac) who is filled with endless emotional deliberations (that's me).
But I do content. Switzerland in its narrow ways has opened up broad avenues. First of all, I met old helpful friends - then of course also: I got a decent job!
Scorpio is the quality who demands that you sober up and start to use your embedded qualities and talents, your rational thinking as well.
I am extremely content that all this "scorpio power" worked towards my advantage. In that respect, homage to Scorpio!
There are many funny things to tell about how things actually work out in the old country, but I will post those occurrences at a later point.


susan said...

I'm glad to see you've returned for another spin around the blogosphere. It's funny how we can change countries but still keep up with the neighbors.

Your pictured view of Switzerland looks about as Novemberish as it does around here right now but I'm sure it's so much better for your spirit (and body) than where you were. Even a Taurus who prefers a stable reality, if he has the means, will relocate in times of growing craziness. You did the right thing.

Keep us in the loop.

Gary said...

I'm with you too Zee - we need to share the ride together...especially those of us at 'an age' - looking back and forward both.

gfid said...

welcome home, friend. it's very good to catch up a bit with you; you've been missed. tell us about the new job!

Zee said...

Thank you, kind of funny how this blog thing works, without borders etc... Ah, thanks for the encouragements also. It will be a fun ride (also a bit serious at times) I'll promise!

You faithful heart you! I now live in the land of plenty and ask myself: What the heck am I doing here. But it is OK for now. The issue is not how to conform, rather to confirm. Life is a riddle that continuously awaits confirmation.

My job? Basically taking care of people with special needs. They used to call them handicapped before that term was doomed politically incorrect. I am doing this right now as a "substitute" and will start my "proper" job December 1st. Will let you know how it goes...

David Mobbs said...

scorpio huh? ok then, thanks Lukas!

Zee said...

Scorpio is the power of detailed insight.

Seraphine said...

are you sure scorpions are the only species (besides mankind) that commit suicide?
i thought the answer would have been lemmings. but now that i think about it, i don't think i have ever seen a lemming. it's curious, isn't it?

Zee said...

I am never "sure" Sera - I just try to sketch the general picture.

gfid said...

i've recently taken on a violin student who received serious brain injuries in a motor vehicle accident some years ago. she played violin before the accident, so reads music well, but has serious visual and mental impairment. it's a huge challenge, but she's become one of my favorite students. she never stops trying, and small sucesses are meaningful in big ways. i'm also pleased to say i have a number of disabled people working in my ReStore.they're my best volunteers.