Sunday, November 14

Fun and Fear

Two of my people I presently take care of and two kids in anticipation of this modern "fairies-wheel" to do radical loops with high speeds. The annual "Herbstmesse" (fall-fair) in Basel has always been a big event. 
The "loops" in my life also contribute to  excitement, at times scary and other moments outright exhilarating. 
When was the last time you re-invented yourself, crossed an unknown border, went on a journey without a fixed destination, stood on top of a cliff in your dreams and spontaneously decided: Yes indeed, I am able to fly!    


lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee
I am pleased to see your bold move to leave for a new start away from the trouble and confusion characterized by the US economy and that you have initially already found your feet in Switzerland. By no means a mean feat - congratulations !

I like your analogous posting which I enjoyed reading and indicate a positive and now enlivened spirit - great news!!

Best wishes

Zee said...

"...a mean feet" - I like that!
Hi Lindsay,
Switzerland is by no means perfect, though it is astoundingly perfect. Some come here to launder money, I came here to launder my spirit.

susan said...

Sometimes the only choice is to choose to go forward. I'm glad to see some happy results of yours.

btw - What language are you speaking most frequently these days?

Zee said...

You are a funny Raven Susan. I mostly speak Swiss-German these days, a German dialect compatible (in difference) between Irish and Texan English tounge. Does that make sense?

Seraphine said...

i love your feelings of exuberance.

most of the time, people (myself included) spend so much time *preparing* for something that they forget the 'point' is actually doing it.

good for you, zee!

Zee said...

Thank you Sera - - sometimes being unprepared can be the gates to avenues unknown.

Seraphine said...

lol. i'm not sure i'm ready for being unprepared. i like the illusion of having control and direction.
but saying that, too much control can act like a box-- it has the effect of imprisoning one within certain lines of definition. trusting fate can be the antidote, but i still feel better laying some groundwork beforehand.
i believe that fate 'rewards' us for all we have been.
and accident, though relatively rare, overrules fate no matter how well one plans.

gfid said...

i've been flying by the seat of my pants since i started this ReStore thing, nearly 2 years ago. i'm ready for some control.