Saturday, October 22

Does it really matter? the United Nations, the way in which Muammar Gaddafi met his end does matter. The UN Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay, has said she wants a full investigation. (source BBC)
The UN plains had been there as well, bombing places, people got hurt and killed. What is there to investigate? There is no such thing as an ethical assassination. If successful, the outcome is always death. End of "investigation"...
Does it really matter if he got killed by a rifle or a pistol, by a nervous rebel or soldier? I believe Gaddafi preferred it this way anyhow - instead of being dragged in front of some court of justice. 
History goes on without him now, no more Beduin tents in Central Park of New York City. I kind of miss that gesture. But since he was an asshole and not a servant to his people, he now faces his maker and the 17 virgins that come with the package of death. Maybe the "maker" will scrap the deal with the virgins, who knows. Somehow I do not think he deserves them - but this is from the mouth of a non Muslim, so it probably does not count. After all, I am an infidel.
Let me glance at the "investigation part" for one more moment. It is kind of absurd. I talked to a man in Libya two days ago and he admitted that all he had was fear in his heart until Gaddafi was out of the picture. (talked to him on Skype) --- So now his fears can cease. No more investigations please!

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