Tuesday, October 18

Human Trade

One human Jewish Foot-soldier is worth or equals 1,000 Palestinian captives.
That in itself tells a story.
No comments.
One Swiss cow is definitely worth 1,000 Jersey cows raised in the US.
Human trade or beastly trade, what the heck is the difference.
How many Palestinians would it take to free one Polarbear from a doomed iceberg - five, or perhaps after all ten?
It might take only one Jew to stop global warming and also stop the decay of the North Pole.
We call this fair trade.
And we all pay the price!


♥N said...

We do all pay, somehow.

Are you back in the States?

Zee said...

Nova, it took me 12 months on shaky grounds to somewhat establish direction and a fragile security.
At the moment I can only nourish this new beginning. So No, I am not back in the US. Perhaps I will visit soon, once my financial situation here has stabilized.
Hope you are doing excellent in NYC, kinda miss it...