Saturday, October 29

what's in a name

Force International Security Assistancesoldiers - that is what they call the mercenaries now (on BBC), those people who are hired to kill others if needed. A couple of them got killed today in Kabul. Tough luck. 
Never had a great liking of them - I will shed no tears.
A real soldier kills and dies for his country, those mercenaries die for money and greed. 
Blackwater (it has been renamed to something else right now) deserves absolutely no sympathy or empathy. All they create is humans who wish to kill for hire. Why the US army even considers these folks is beyond my comprehension.
For good money these people can be hired, to do their dirty deeds wherever...
What if Donald Trump comes along and says: First we will take Manhattan, then we'll take Berlin. 

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gfid said...

a 'real' soldier often dies not knowing what the war is REALLY about, out of a misplaced sense of duty. The paid soldier at least is given the opportunity to decide if he thinks what he's doing is worth dying for. There are no 'right' or 'wrong' soldiers. They are all tragic figures. Some are clever; some are not. Some are patriotic; some are not. Some have more than a half - baked idea why they're there; most, i fear, do not.