Monday, March 5

What focus?

Now that I am still struggling to find the right stellar constellation in the passing of my own biography, I simply went to the little Zoo in La Chaux de Fonds. Kind of interesting, haven't looked at caged animals for a while. We should stuck some of the human species in there as well, might give it more suspense. These humans who can't even protect themselves with adequate skin or fur. They use cloth instead, very dependent on that stuff. So I saw these purple fishes, and I kept wondering why in all earth they choose to be purple - some kind of vanity maybe?
Then I spied a donkey or a mule with a fine girl, the mule or donkey being free to trot around wherever it wanted. That was more to my liking.

Then I past the snake behind thick glass, a poisonous viper, don't know which hell they came from. If I ever visit a tropical country who harbors nasty snakes, I will get a gun and shoot them all.
I hate snakes
Three churches in one block, what's up with that?
The "old" part 
The "new" part (mini Manhattan)

This animal, some kind of mountain lion, is more to my liking. I wouldn't mind if this beast would catch me and then kill me. A snake NO, this animal YES! I suppose I am a biased creature.
I went to a church today in Langenthal, about two hours away from my place. I do it out of curiosity. I was singing along, text was projected with power-point.
The melodies were simple. But why this structure. Do people really need a church to find the spirit within themselves? I sometimes wonder. On the way home in the train I talked to a Sikh  from India, about religion and Swiss watches, who he does import to India - and of course also about the faltering US economy. I am not sure where this is going, but the kernel is: The west is not (anymore) the best.
There is still innovation "here", but all production is outsourced to Asia. The workers starve, because there is no more job to do, there are no more factories or production centers. The USA has become a wasteland. It is sad - with so much potential... but unfortunately a complete breakdown of all infrastructures. Water, electricity, roadways, trains, etc. It will collapse, and I am truly not a doomsday fagot. All there is left, is to start anew, kind off a bit of a  Eisenhower mood, though I did not particularly liked that President. Obama will probably win second term. But what is he gonna do? There is shambles by his feet, there are ruins in Detroit, (worse than Eastern Europe before the wall came tumbling down) - a health care system that mimics disaster, and 1% who earn 75%, 10% who earn 20% of all other the possible income - and the best of the rest, that thing which was supposed to be called middle class, those forlorn 89% of the population are poor suckers who carry the rich. Pretty disgusting really. Almost 90% people pay, for the rest to get away in glory.
The proposal Obama came up with to tax people fairly who happened to earn more than one million dollar, vanished in quick sand. It didn't gel with the Republicans.
Apple (God bless Steve Jobs) is now the number one company in the world counting assets and income. But what do they do? They invent new projects and designs on the West Coast in the USA, then ship manufacturing to China. Levi's is the same, once a brand-mark or trademark of US pride, now a conglomerate of different factories on mainland China. Nothing against China, they do it the way they have to do it. Nevertheless, it takes my breath away.
More close to my own reality. I carved and copied old carvings for a year, for a museum, earned about 28 US dollars an hour - not a big deal you would say. Now then, after a year, the museum wanted to save money. So they send plaster casts to be worked on to Malaysia, the wooden copies came back, not as refined and as authentic as I had manufactured them, but oh well, they were there, they were cheap, for 15 Dollars a day. Good enough, nobody will notice.  
I am not sure if capitalism in its present form will survive, it acts like a scorpio who is ready at any moment to kill itself. That is not a futile future.
I watched this Australia filmed movie series "Mad Max" - desolation, fear, brutality, anger, despair, complete loss of reality --- I do not need to go there now, but being there, in such a space - this is not who we are. It does not need to end up this way. We are always stronger than  this ghost of self-destruction, who keeps bugging us to succumb to insanity.
We are still humans, and not machines.
We actually can care about each other.
And, we will give it a new try!   


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