Monday, April 9


News these days have it all wrong, they are a psychotic drug who paint Armageddon every single day and it leaves an imprint on every human being.
Instead they should focus on achievements, report about the betterments of society. That I would find exciting! 
But no, we hear about Syria on and on, we hear about the latest traffic accidents, we hear about floods and other disasters, we read about financial concerns, hyped by banks and global companies. Then we follow sports news, thereafter the weather-forecast. 
My adrenaline for this shit is used up. It is an all in one brainwash factory. Though I must admit, my own habits and curiosity still prevail, and I check into the news-channels every day, but I get a lingering feeling of self-disgust. 
What the world needs is not bad news, but good news! You can not make anything better when you continuously spread the message of destruction and decay - that is in esoteric terms: Black Magic.
Instead the news should concentrate on stories like how one neighbor helped an other in need, how one instrumental achievement was made in technology, perpetuating the safety of our planet, how a child looked at a flower and found the sun in her eyes.
By all means, I am not a flower-child myself or a "hippie". Still, at least some concentration on the good in this world could propel an other atmosphere of togetherness amongst people.
The Press and News destroy all this ... every day.
Hail to an area when News become human again and not the mouthpiece of cooperate and national interests who's intent is to brain-wash - and create unsolicited fear. 
Until then, I will consciously refuse to have negative or bad news enter my soul.

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