Sunday, April 8

I did not see the bunny

I did not see the Easter-Bunny, so I went to this shopping center last Saturday before Easter to find dye for my eggs. I guess I had to take over.
It was hilarious, people were stuffing their carts and baskets as if the end of time had come, a catastrophe around the corner, a disaster around the bend. Actually it made me almost puke, at least I lost my appetite.
I guess I have to admit, I also often bye  "extra things" I hadn't planed to purchase.  Because of the surrounding atmosphere of panic and greed, I stuck to my original plan: Colors for eggs, nothing else.
Finally I found the section where they have that stuff.
Went home, and prepared the Easter baskets for the families in my house. I do not know if they believed that there is a "replacement bunny" - but I know for sure I got a kick out of it.
The intention of this story is - that sometimes less is more, that a gesture that comes with well intent can build a bridge. The rush and greed of consumerism is just a "cheap" compensation of that what actually should flow from heart to heart. In that sense I try to make a difference, but not in all times I succeed. But I will keep trying, and so may you my friend.

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