Tuesday, February 5

afraid of the future?

It is indeed odd, that custom in India. You cleanse yourself once a year in one of the bigger rivers with the hope that all your sins and wrongdoings are washed away and land thereafter downstream. The problem is, even though it might be a fine idea to have such a custom, the shit is so dense in these waters that it clings onto you. So instead of "cleansing" yourself you end up dirtier than  before - and maybe also with a waterborne disease.
In the western hemispheres you would call this practice going to the "booth" - in particular the Catholic church. You go to the "booth" and all your sins are forgiven, at least until next Sunday, when the priest fondles your dick again before listening to your sigh.
Yes, I am afraid of the future of man - or - womankind as long as there are practices alive denouncing human liberty and equality, and continue with some kind of witch-hunt of the sinner, a dogma deep embedded in the morality of our societies and particular  in  organized religions.
Of course the pollution of the rivers in India will flow down stream. But it is not until the moment that the shit lands in your lap that we can await further success. Then there will be no booth to forgive, nor a river to wash away your wrongdoings.
I am very afraid that people do not wake up until "the shit hits the fan" - but since I am cynical-optimistic, I think that is exactly what will happen. I stand in awe and wait.

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