Saturday, February 2

I am a stupid sentimental person

So I was in town again this afternoon to eat a bite. But all the kitchens except for MacDonald's were closed. That is Neuchatel (that Kanton) for you. So in my frustration I bought a small primrose-flower with a matching flowerpot.

Now this is really embarrassing. I smoked a cigarette at the train station and walked up and down and looked into the windows of the waiting train. And then I found her. I opened the door and put the still wrapped flowerpot on her little table and said, this one is for you - and I disappeared. Before I left the train at my station I went back to her. Poor thing had scars in her face, and I did not ask why. But at this point I knew I did the right thing. I told her to water this plant daily and also radiate a bit of sympathy towards it - I said, this helps with all kind of things in life, not only plants, shook her hand and left. Isn't that pathetic or melodramatic? But hey, it was priceless to see that smile on her face. Maybe I should do this every weekend to some kind of random person. I would actually be totally curious to see how men would react.

PS. big trees still grow in New Zealand - there where the Brits did not managed to cut them all down making space for the meadows to their bloody grazing cheeps. What useful things did the Brits give us anyway besides being a lousy colonial power? Chutney, Cheddar and Whisky, ah, and the Scottish are better with that stuff anyway, never converted to Brittendom anyway...
So there is very little left. Oh I forgot, they gave us Adam Smith, the philosopher of modern darwinistic capitalism. Maybe they outtricked the Spanish Armada once, but that was a very long time ago. Ah yes, they also brought us tea and spices from India, but also that was a long time ago and Ghandi with his method put a definite end to this relationship of robbery, colonialism and slavery. There is really not much left, is there. Even Rolce Royce and Bentley are not in British hands anymore. Wow, you could almost have pity with them.

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♥N said...

Well, you made someone's day. She will remember you forever. I think that's great karma.