Tuesday, October 11


It is hard to believe what devastation the earthquake between the Pakistani/Indian border has created. 20,000 (and rising) dead, millions displaced and without homes. Kashmir has been hit so hard that all the quarrels between India and Pakistan about that region, and the subsequent fatalities over the last decades looks like a few pebbles in a pot of a cement mixer...
Mother nature surely didn't give us an easy year. Maybe there is some kind of lesson to be learned.
First the Sumani in the Pacific, then New Orleans, now this.... What will be next?
As Rudolf Steiner would have said: Entering into our new age span (the age of being conscious of our surroundings and our selves) will not happen easily unless people wake up to and be part of a solution that concerns us all. Otherwise one disaster after the next will knock peoples around in their life of pretended "securities" until changes of violent impacts will force them to alter their attitude towards this earth and world existance.
Maybe nature is giving us a "pre-lesson". Maybe that is helpfull?!
While Bush is flying for the 8th time to Louisiana to show his grinning face on TV, nothing is happening to correct the course of our consumer based society. Face it, the so called "free marked" model of capitalism failed greatly, and we as the tax payers support this rotting idea by paying our asses off to supply funds to politicians who are supposed to represent us as people in the first place. Insanity dwells in muteness. But what do they do, these politicians for the environment, those "representatives" of ours, about public transportation, the school system, etc...???? NOTHING!
They are all lame duck whiners who get horrendous monthly paychecks and rub their big fat ass on plush chairs in fancy restaurants during lunch. Both the democrats and also the republicans in the US are guilty; they have become the same, an identical mob. All self interest, lobbying for this or that (mostly Halliburton and other oil based "reconstruction" companies these days), nothing more, nothing realy constructive. Cleaning away the rubble in a war-zone or in New Orleans is one thing, constructing new energy resources and being part of an ongoing process to make the world a sane and healthy palce is an other...
Same thing in Germany. What a coalition. The Christian (Ah.... christian????) Democrats together with the Social Democrats. What a bunch of loosers. All these politictians are from the same stock. And the Green Party there dropped to their lowest level ever. (At least they have a Green Party in Germany... , the US is like "daaaahhhh" - more than two parties - what's that???).
OK, enough ranting for today - but I will be comfortable for the future that mother nature will "act her voice" even though it is painful. Perhaps people will start to wake up.

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