Wednesday, October 19

Saddam and the moon

I would have done the same thing, defy and repute the occupational forces in Iraq by giving a likewise statement: "Who are you - are you a judge, did we appoint you? After all I am still the president of my country" (Saddam). Even though he was a murderer and a tyrant, I can not help to squeeze out some sympathy for him. Perhaps it is due to the atrocities the US committed in the Middle East. Since I have not much sympathy for the religion of Islam because it is purely a "moon power/religion", a state of mirroring and not sun-power (look at the Turkish flag), but I am still climbing fences to oppose military and other actions done and planed by the "righteous" or "religious right" of the US. I tell you folks, this experiment (Iraq) will be the straw that broke the camels back for America - the empire as we know it will cease to exist in a few years from now. Thanks god! Who's god?
Well, I took the "moon-picture" this morning. It was amazing to see the almost full moon (three days to go?) visible in the morning sky.

postscript Friday, 21:
Sadoun Nasouaf al-Janabi, thought to be one of the defence lawyers (for Saddam) in court when the trial opened on Wednesday, had been shot in the head and chest.
Cool start of a trial, hmm.

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