Tuesday, April 17


I don't have the energy
to whisper sweet nothingness
to your ear, or other receptacles.
It has always been a muted song anyway, why change it now.

Bridges were build, but eventually they collapse
Yesterday I crossed a bridge that connects states.
Today I found myself sneaking underneath an other bridge perhaps,
driving home, loose electrical wires abound, weaseling on the ground.
And then there were those kids in the news,
dead they were found
after insanity hits
even the sane
get the blues.

I am not even talking about bridges in Bagdad, though that could be a fair topic as well.
So where is the bridge to your heart, or should I simply assume - that only strings are attached?


lindsaylobe said...

The Bridge strings are truth, !!


Steely companions to lost inner souls
Girders do glisten like the Black Gold
Expand and retract in perfect symmetry
Atomic particles have no bigotry

Broken dreams lie in the chasms far below
Waters of hope as eddies come and go
Endless life cycles do struggle with strife
Stand on your bridges let Truth be your life

Best wishes

Zee said...

Thank you Lindsay - that rhyme was very good!

Ingrid said...

how can anyone comment after one of Lindsay's great poem?
good to see you posting Zee..

Ingrid said...

btw..I love the picture of the road with the fallen trees.. very evocative..you could use it for an 'assignment'; write a opening sentence for a novel, or a script using this picture as inspiration.

Cynnie said...


I've missed you terribly..

I love your photos..
and the Bukowski poem from the last post was so cool..
I was reading some of his stuff just the other day...and i'm not even a poetry person..