Monday, April 9

Rachmaninoff - nah, Beethoven

Is it interesting to say that I came across an absolutely gorgeous Steinway? Probably not that interesting. Anyhow, this thing is in some rich persons home, and I have nothing to do with it, unless you call the person who let me in, my friend. As I was touching the keys, I realized how little I remembered, from way back then ... when I had a few lessons.
But the sound was magic, you didn't even had to know how to push the keys. Some instruments just lend themselves to virtuosity without the baggage of proficiency.
I forgot the lines, but then I remembered the tunes.
Life is a bag, then you empty it's contents on the table of "today" before you go further. Vinaigrette or Russian?
I'll take plain vinegar, salt and olive oil at this point.

... interesting how and why this post stirred some compulsive reactions and comments


Anonymous said...

...well, let me tell yo that I dunno if that comment is kind of humoristic
or not...

you look like Johny rotten


Zee said...

... 'tis the story of Johnny Rotten
he was well known, but now forgotten
it is more to a picture, than just the frame
hey hey, my my ...

someone else said...
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PZ said...

And here lies the danger of the internet, say that to my face and maybe you would be somebody. PZ

Ingrid said...

geez, you got some trolls here Zee! I myself have been absent a bit too but am back now. Great pics of the snow! (she said never having snow in her neck of the woods) As for your post..I can just imagine the clarity and crispness of the keys.. unfortunately, if I would have touched those, I still could not have made it sound like anything..
you're working hard and you're still in retreat of sorts (politically)..well, don't we all need a breather? Thanks for posting the pics from where you are. Even if you do not have much to say, the pics will say it for you
hugs Zee!

_z. said...

ooookay... that was creepy. A lot of hatred coming from a catholic... I should know... I am one myself.

hope you're doing well zee.

one of my biggest regrets in life, is that I haven't learned to play the piano... everybody tells me it is never too late... well I think it is...

take care.

Gary said...

Yeah, music is food. My daughter plays piano and sings. I did a really rough recording of some of her songs just before she left for Spain. So she wouldn't forget them!