Monday, April 9

Easter eggs, The Pope and Snow

So yeah, I haven't communicated for a while. Perhaps I just don't feel like it, or I must be tired working my ass off. Who knows.

Anyhow, the hunt for the easter eggs was doomed, too much snow. A freak storm hit here last Friday and left a blanket of white nuisance.

The Pope? Ah, he has nothing much to say besides that Iraq is a mess. Who wouldn't have known!
Snow? Hmm, that Friday storm was pretty outrageous - so much for global warming.


Do me a favor and hatch your own, I'm tired of inseminating.
Does that make sense? No! It wasn't supposed to either ...
On the political front - ah, should I really go there? There is not much to state. Some blindfolded British sailors make good stories, but truthfully I don't give a flying crap to whom they are selling their story to. It's just an other routine day in the works of the Empire, who cares...
As for me, I am pounding nails into wood, what else is there to do.


Mone said...

ya we got dumped on some snow here for easter, but another sad news today 6 soldiers killed in Afghanistan's..and on the news the PM off course reminded us for our "fight for freedom"... wonder how long we gonna keep up with this crap..
Anyways happy easter :)

Segue Seoul said...

Yes--me thinks you've gone undercover

under cover of snow, that is

it's cherry blossom time here in seoul. Yesterday, easter picnic by the Han River. friends, wine, western cheese & chocolate...
but, we have the phenomenon of laced "yellow dust" blowing in from China deserts & factories. Pretty nasty stuff--not a myth.

g girl

Zee said...

Don't let the dust distract you from your mission, G Girl. Thanks for stepping in!

Zee said...

Thanks Mone, happy Easter to you too.
Madness? It will increase until a final collapse...

Anonymous said...

lest I forget.
Ur getting fat.
Too many Delights

Go join yer friend Ahmadi Nejad
in Tehran maybe they can cure ya
with a radioactive pulse or sumthin.
And Allah Akhbar to you too

Zee said...

that's not me in that picture, dumbasss ...