Monday, April 23

confusing "downloads"

Finally spring has arrived to the island. I am glad. The sun is actually warm. Last bits of snow vanish on Vinalhaven. The complexity of the last "north-eastern" storm was stunning, but now it's all gone, electricity is back, no more work with humming generators.
The present situation describes itself as surreal beautiful and divine.
Who can resist?
But then I drive to work, my radio on. The chief justice of the US stutters while being fried by lawmakers from both sides of the isles in the US senate. That mole has to go and face yet the other side of the wall. He is not an immigrant punk (which would be honorable), he is a looser. Gonzales go home, pick avocados or some kind of cactus plants and distill tequila instead.
That brings me to the issue of walls.
America, the US that is, sports to be a grand wall builder these days, rivaling Israeli stupidity.
In Iraq, precisely Baghdad, neighborhoods are being separated by 12 foot walls. What about that? Why build them? Is this how you introduce Democracy?
And so I stare at my computer while I am downloading free music from the internet and wonder: Where is this all going to lead too!?
The US is nuts, the Arab league is nuts (the Palestinian "speaker" to the government there announced last Friday, that it would be a preference to kill all "Americans" and Jews to the last person and that Allah will be conjunct to this and that this motion will show true faith).
Give me a break.
As much as I despise and condemn the present US enterprise in Iraq, I also speak to condemn the "Muslim World" for hiding behind statues of religious manifests that once belonged to the Middle Ages.
And now I am downloading more songs from the internet, sweet songs, bursting through firewalls.
So what are you doing on this so called "earth day" - fixing up your patio walls perhaps?


Ingrid said...

zee.. earth day never crossed my mind, I actually thought it was yesterday! Anyhow, I started another blog called AustinPermie (link is on my bloggerroundtable site) and it'll be earth day every time I post. Come check it out. It was the new beta version and I got to play with the 'lay out' features. Of course, I'm not quite happy with the way the links turned out, but at least I got everybody linked!! (you included of course) Anyhow, I think when I finally add links to my roundtable site, I'd rather use html..
did you upgrade yours? I don't remember..

Ingrid said...

btw.. I'm with you on the sectarian issue. The Islamic world needs a major reformation period. Ingrid

Mone said...

Sufism, in my opinion, was the only 'group' of Muslims that actually understood Islam as it is, the religion of peace, love and complete surrender. They were attacked and labeled infidels... Muslim, need to dig deep and change the many lies that downed on them for thousands of years..