Saturday, July 14

Ahah or Ahlah, like playing the lottery

The dude is probably long dead due to kidney failure. Nevertheless, the US senate doubled the bounty on his head, now being $50 MILLION!
I wonder if the State Department or any other US agency has DNA samples of Bin Laden, you know those tissue samples who can prove if you were the rapist or murderer. If not, it might well be worth to construct his capture and killing. What will it take to create a fake scenario that will convince the world ... one, two , even ten million?
It's easy. Even if you invest 20 million dollars in staging a fake display of his death and then win, you'll be left with a profit of a staggering 30 million. That's what I would call a good investment, ingeniously done , or perhaps just a lucky move of sorts.
But believe me, Osama is dead. A suffocated dragon, drenched in his own blood. Simply dead, basta, finito! The more interesting question is: Why does the US right now double the reward for his capture in the political climate we presently live in? Why now? If 25 million didn't do it for a camel herdsman in the past, are 50 millions gonna do the trick or any difference subsequently from now on? Why is it so that the US is playing lottery with Osama? Don't they know that this kind of ticketed gamble has almost a zero chance of return, a poor mans taxation at best?
I guess the empire is getting desperate. They don't know either way in or out anymore.
So - where is it people, of that what is left, that what they once used to call the true spirit of America?
Freedom reigns only to the ones who are honest and true by heart, nothing else will suffice.
America take heart, literally ... otherwise you'll be left treading down paths of Mordor, stranded without the help of hobbits or Gandalf.

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reverb said...

...reminds me the fake Moon landing...