Sunday, July 15

more Pirates

No, the dude with the wooden "sword" doesn't win ... she got the real thing. All we had to do later is clean up the mess.
The annual gathering of the Penopscop Bay Pirates thereafter went on smooth and rather jolly, nor more blood shed. Of course I will not tell you the exact location, only pirates are invited on this little island that has no connection to any grid, hence the solar panels and what have you not.

The welcoming committee was fierce, dedicated and charming. Up to a hundred people and free thinkers = Pirates flocked in. The band which played was grand, some hired Yankees from New York. I joined in for two or three songs, one of them "All along the watchtower" - of course. Had packed my violin into that small vessel before I went there, in foresight. After tons of spiced rum, weed and what have you not, the next morning looked sobering for many. I instead shared a good bottle of Cotes du Rhone and went to sleep under the protecting arms of a tree and awoke to the laughter of seagulls on a gray dawn. The tide was out and some of them "pirates" whined to go home to their day time jobs - but couldn't, low tide. Nature is above technology!
I took the little boat I had come with, avoided the rocks and the mud, paddled out to deeper waters, hooked up my electric outboard, and was gone ....
An overall awesome weekend. Long live the pirates!


Gary said...

Amen! Long live the beautiful pirates you are at least.

You are young in heart and company my friend.

Mone said...

looks like lots of fun :)